Vitreous Haemorrhage: Causes And Treatment

Vitreous hemorrhage is a condition where the bleeding occurs in the jelly-like filling of the back part of the eye. This substance is known as vitreous humor which helps the eye to keep its shape and is normally clear, allowing the light into the eyes t pass through the retina.

The leaked blood in the conditions mostly comes from blood vessels at the back of the eye which happens when the blood vessels have been damaged like by trauma or are fragile due to the eye diseases related to diabetes.

The clearer the vitreous humor is, the clearer you can see and if it is clouded or filled with blood, vision impairment can occur. This impairment can vary from floaters and cloudiness of the vision through to the completely dark or reddish tinge. The hemorrhage can cause floaters, hazy or dull vision, or complete loss of vision.

According to the survey by the Best eye specialist in peer Muchalla – vitreous hemorrhage affects around 7 out of 100,000 people per year and is one of the most common causes of sudden deterioration of vision affecting only one eye often. The most common cause of having the condition is severe diabetic eye diseases, mainly in older people. The other common cause is old age more than 60 or above, except for eye trauma as it can occur at any age. 



The most common causes for about 90% of cases seen by the Best eye specialist in Dhakoli are:

  • Bleeding from abnormal new blood vessels due to advanced diabetes, 
  • Bleeding from tears in the retina by vitreous detachment, 
  • Trauma in the eye, 
  • Shortage of oxygen causes abnormal blood vessels to grow which are fragile, 
  • Macular degeneration, 
  • Retinal vein occlusion, 
  • Sickle cell disease along with retinopathy, 
  • Damage on the back of eyes in premature babies.  


The treatment of the condition differs from the root cause of the issues. Best eye specialist in peer Muchalla aims to treat by:

  • Finding the source of bleeding,
  • Stop the bleeding, 
  • Repair the damage in the retina, 
  • Restoring the normal vision.

VITREOUS HAEMORRHAGE is a condition that can affect anyone from babies to older adults. However, the causes may differ and so as the treatment for the same by the Best eye specialist in Dhakoli.

Vitreous Haemorrhage: Causes And Treatment
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