What Are Intraocular Lens Implants And Follow-Up Treatment?

An intraocular lens implant is a replacement of a natural lens with artificial ones ib the eyes. The surgery to fix cataracts is its full procedure and the intraocular implants are just a part of it. 

Each eye has a lens that is made up of clear protein and water behind the pupil. As you get older, the changes in the clarity of protein are seen and the parts of lenses start turning cloudy known as a cataract. It makes the things look blurry and has a brownish tint. 

Cataracts, being the leading cause of blindness have been cured by the surgeons of the Best eye clinic in peer Muchalla with thousands of successful surgeries. An intraocular lens implant or IOL is made up of clear plastic and about the size of one-third of a dime. 

There are several different types of implants used in the Best eye clinic in Dhakoli, these are as follows:

  • Monofocal IOL: These are the most common type of and unlike the real lenses; they are focused at a particular point. When you need to adjust the focal point like for far away so when you need to see nearby glasses are used there. 
  • Multifocal Implants: These are more like bifocal glasses or progressive lenses which help in focus at different distances. However, it may take several months for the brain to adapt to the vision to seem natural and cause more halos around the light. 
  • Accommodating IOL: This is a more flexible option and acts like a natural lens focusing more than one distance. It can make the need for reading glasses-less. 
  • Toric IOL: This is a more suitable option if you have astigmatism or a football-shaped cornea making the vision all over blurry and not at a certain point. This makes the need for glasses nil. 


After the completion of the surgery, it takes up to 12 weeks at most to fully heal the surgical part. During this time the eyes precisely need more care and attention. Here is some follow-up care prescribed by the Best eye hospital in peer Muchalla, which is:

  • Keep eyes protected with sunglasses and with eye shield at the night, 
  • Don’t rub or press the eye, even if its itchy, 
  • Go with the prescription and use an adequate amount of eye drops in recommended time set, 
  • Avoid exercises and heavy lifting. 

The best eye clinic in peer Muchalla prescribes all the essential dos and don’ts after the surgery and healing process. The eye specialists help throughout the process from start to end and give you proper guidance on every step of treatment. 

What Are Intraocular Lens Implants And Follow-Up Treatment?
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