What Is Ptosis In Children And Adults?

Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid sag over the eye, can sag a little or much completely covering the pupil. The condition can completely block or limit normal vision and both children and adults can have this. But yes this condition is treatable and the vision can be improved as well as the appearance. 


Children born with this condition have congenital ptosis that can be caused due to problems with muscle that lifts the eyelid (levator muscle). The most evident symptom of the condition is drooping of the eyelid and another sign is the upper eyelid creases do not line up.

Sometimes, a child having ptosis can face some other eye-related problems including eye movement issues, eye muscle diseases, tumors, and other problems. Eye hospital near Dhakoli states that – Ptosis puts a child into having vision problems and can lead to amblyopia or lazy eye, astigmatism and the development of misaligned eye (crossed eyes) is also possible. 

Treatment of Ptosis in children 

Doctors do consider the following factors before prescribing the treatment in children:

  • Age, 
  • Involvement of only one or both eyelids, 
  • Height of eyelid, 
  • Strength of eyelid muscle, 
  • Eye movements. 

Surgeries are recommended mostly to tighten the muscle or to attach the eyelid to other muscles which help in lifting the eyelid to improve the vision. 


Ptosis in adults is known as involutional or acquired ptosis which occurs when the levator muscle stretches or separates from the eyelid. This condition can be caused due to certain factors like aging or injury to the eye or some diseases or tumors can also affect the muscles of the eyelid. 

The specialists of Eye hospital near peer Muchalla tries to find the root cause of the issue to prescribe the treatment. They do a complete examination with blood and imaging tests. The doctors are likely to recommend surgery for the eyelid muscle to work better. 

Treatment of Ptosis in adults

Usually, the Eye hospital near Dhakoli prescribes surgery to settle the eyelid muscle in its place from where the muscle won’t interfere with the vision. 

Ptosis is not an incurable disease. It’s just a weakness of eyelid muscle which can be treated with surgery and many other medicinal treatments.

What Is Ptosis In Children And Adults?
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