Overview On Corneal Collagen Crosslinking + Keratoconus

“Keratoconus is a disorder of cornea which is defined by progressive thinning and anterior protrusion of the cornea like a cone which results in distortion of the cornea and an increase in myopia and irregular astigmatism. Here ectasia can cause deterioration of the vision quality”. 

C3R or Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking is a standard treatment for the progression of Keratoconus. C3R strengthens the chemical bonds in the cornea to make it stronger and decrease the progress of Keratoconus.

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin or C3R description by Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh 

Current methods of using rigid contact lenses or intracorneal ring segments can only correct the refractive errors but have very little effect in Keratoconus. As per the estimates, eventually, 21% of patients suffering from Keratoconus need surgical intervention to restore corneal anatomy and eyesight. 

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin is a non-invasive treatment that uses Ultraviolet (UVA, 365nm) and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) which is a photosensitizing agent for the treatment Keratoconus. This strengthens the cornea which has also been shown to restrict the progress of Keratoconus in numerous studies doen by the Best Eye Surgeon in Chandigarh

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin is a one-time application of riboflavin eye drops to the eye. The riboflavin is activated by 30 minutes of illumination most approximately with UV-A light, expands the collagen cross-links within the stroma, and can recover some of the mechanical strength of the cornea. 

How is the treatment done? 

The Best Eye Surgeon in Chandigarh states that the treatment starts under the effects of topical anesthesia, the cornea is treated with Riboflavin eye drop application for 30 minutes. After the application, the eye is exposed to UVA for 30 more minutes, after the treatment, antibiotic eye drops are applied with a bandage contact lens. The treatment is usually done in one of the eyes in a sitting. 


Who can benefit from this treatment? 

Although Collagen Cross-linking cannot fully cure Keratoconus it can slow down the progress of the condition. The treatment can limit the deterioration of the vision and reduce the chances to go for Keratoplasty. The main aim of this treatment is to capture the progress of the disease-preventing further deterioration of vision and the need for corneal transplantation. 

Advantages of Cross-Linking by Best Eye Surgeon in Chandigarh 

  • It is permanent and doesn’t lose its effects, 
  • Simple and one-hour treatment, 
  • Sometimes no-follow ups are required, 
  • It stops the progress of the diseases and can reverse the condition, 
  • No need for corneal transplant or eye donation, 
  • No major precautions to be taken, 
  • Does not involve stitches or injection, 
  • It does not include any incision in the eye, 
  • Quick recovery time. 

Corneal Collagen Cross linking with Riboflavin is a newly found technique for restraining the Keratoconus conditions. It can strengthen the cornea and has no side-effect, is an easy and simple one-hour process, and is available at Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh.

Overview On Corneal Collagen Crosslinking + Keratoconus
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