Retinal Deatchment – Symptoms And Causes

The retina is a layer of tissues at the back of the eye that process light and is light-sensitive. When light passes through the eyes, the lens focuses an image in the retina; it converts the image into signals and sends it to the brain through the optic nerve.
Retinal detachment as explained by Eye Hospital in Panchkula – is an extremely serious eye problem that happens when the retina is separated from the back of the eye. This can cause loss of vision partially or completely, depends upon how much of the retinal portion is separated or detached.
The detachment may contribute to serious deprivation of oxygen and becomes a medical emergency. This may risk a permanent loss of vision if the treatment is delayed.


A detached retina does not implement pain but there are usually symptoms before the retina starts becoming detached. Symptoms as per the Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh, are:
•Flashes of light appears when looking at the sides
•Partial blurred vision (with a dark shadowing effect)
•“Floaters” (small flecks or threads in the vision).


Rhegmatogenous is the most common type of retinal detachment where age is the main factor of suffering from this type of retinal detachment as it happens because retinal tear as the vitreous gel which fills the eyeballs pulls away from the retina.
The other reasons for this problem can be eye injury, surgery, or nearsightedness.
Tractional retinal detachment occurs when scar tissue pulls on the retina usually because of diabetes which has accordingly damaged the blood vessels in the back of the eye.
Exudative type of retinal detachment which happens because the fluid builds up behind the retina and no tear occurs. This fluid buildup pushes the retina away from the tissues behind it. The reason for this type of retinal detachment can be leaking blood vessels and swelling because of an injury, inflammation, or some macular degeneration which are age-related.

Most of the cases need surgery to repair the detached retina but for minor detachments or tears, simple procedures like laser therapies can be done by the Best Eye Surgeon in Chandigarh.

Retinal Deatchment – Symptoms And Causes
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