Refractive Error Treatment At The Best Eye Hospital In Chandigarh

In simplified words, refractive errors are vision problems that make it complicated to see clearly. This occurs when the eye shape starts keeping the light from focusing correctly on the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive layer of tissues that work on light and changes it into signal and provide it to the optic nerve helping the signal reach the brain.

Refractive errors are the very ordinary type of vision problem, affecting approximately 50.6% of the population from nearsightedness and farsightedness with 16.54% impacted from astigmatism and 10.2% from uncorrected presbyopia in INDIA.

There are 4 common types of refractive errors as per Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh:

  • Nearsightedness or myopia is a condition of the eye which makes the objects far away seem blurry as the shape of the eye causes light rays to bend incorrectly so the focus of the images becomes the front of the retina rather than on the retina.
  • Farsightedness or hyperopia makes the objects nearby seem blurry as the light rays are wrongly bent making the image focus behind the retina instead of on it. This is a common condition as well and the degree of hyperopia influences the focusing ability.
  • Astigmatism is a common and generally treatable imperfections of the eye shape which can cause the objects to seem blurry placed far or near as well. This mainly occurs when either the cornea or lens has non-matching curves.
  • Presbyopia is an annoying part of aging where the ability of eyes to focus on objects placed near, gradual losses. It can be noticed usually in the early or mid-40s and worsens around the age of 65.


Prescription by the Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh for all four types of refractive errors may differ from the severity of case to case. However, there are some most commonly uses lenses and reading glasses for farsightedness, normal glasses for nearsightedness, and both types of glasses in astigmatism and bifocal or trifocal glasses for presbyopia. However, some surgeries are also recommended if you want a glass-free sight like LASIK.

Best Eye Hospital in Chandigarh states that refractive errors cannot be prevented but can be diagnosed and treated. Correction is provided in many forms and according to the case they can be fully treated and regain sight to a full extent.

Refractive Error Treatment At The Best Eye Hospital In Chandigarh
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